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School Information

Bluffdale Elementary is located in the southwest area of Jordan School District. Franklin Covey has named our school as a Leader In Me Lighthouse School. This recognition comes because the school has achieved outstanding results in school and student outcomes by implementing The Leader in Me process with fidelity.
Bulldog Mascot

  • Mission
  • Developing Learners and Leaders
  • Vision
  • Every child can learn
  • Literacy and numeracy are gateway skills to success
  • Parents and teachers are partners working to help each child succeed
  • Success is maximized in an environment where students and staff feel safe and mutually respected
  • General Information
  • Bluffdale Elementary serves 800 students in kindergarten to sixth grade.
  • Bluffdale operates on a traditional schedule.
  • Portuguese Immersion is offered to students beginning in first grade. Dual language immersion provides a rich bilingual experience for young learners
  • Leader in Me is a process used to teach and develop leadership skills in students. The 7 Habits are an important part of classroom instruction.
  • Beverly Taylor Sorenson Music Program is offered to all students and taught by a certified music instructor.
  • Meet the Masters introduces students to famed artists as they put their art techniques into practice.
  • School Community Council is comprised of community representatives, teachers, and principal. This group gives input on vital school issues.
  • PTA actively helps students succeed in school. PTA volunteers spend many extra hours to provide enrichment activities to make our school a great place to be.
  • Students and Staff
  • Bluffdale staff includes 37 certified teachers who have advanced degrees and educational endorsements beyond the standard teaching certificate.
  • The resource program provides special help to students who are behind in math or reading. A guidance specialist is available to provide group or individual counseling. Speech therapy is also provided for students as needed.
  • Teachers collaborate in professional learning communities in order to improve student learning and achievement.
  • Bluffdale Leadership Team of Students (BLTS) in K- 6 helps our students gain valuable leadership skills as they meet to offer suggestions to improve our school, build school spirit and serve others.

Visitors are welcome at Bluffdale Elementary. For safety purposes Utah State Law requires all visitors to sign in at the office prior to conducting business in the school.